GICCL’s employees are unquestionably its most important asset.  A career with GICCL is an open door to great personal achievement and success.  Through careful selection, ongoing development, performance based management and fair reward, every person in the Company are encouraged to realise their full potential.  Individual initiative and resourcefulness are rewarded through an excellent remuneration package and employee benefits.

Our team range from a highly dedicated management, who is busy envisioning landmark gated communities to a design team, diligently focused on ensuring quality in all our projects / products.

GICCL aims to provide a positive working environment that enables and encourages its technical and professional staff to work together in a culture of mutual support, cooperation and as a team.

GICCL is an employer which guarantees equal opportunities and ensures respect for the dignity of its employees.

We take great pride in the fact that our employee turnover rate is very low and we ensure that any accommodation facilities which we provide reflect the same high standard which we execute in our construction projects and products.

The occupational health and safety of our workers is primary and we thus have a small clinic catering for the medical needs of our employees.